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Resources from the Web:

Transitioning to College

Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab) Purdue University offers an extensive website for writing including the writing process, formatting, and citing references.

Grammar Girl Want a quick fun explanation of when to use affect vs. effect or when it is appropriate to abbreviate a word?  Grammar Girl offers concise and easy to understand explanations of a variety of topics related to grammar, mechanics, and style.  The site also offers an interesting daily blog in audio and print format that covers a specific issue of the day.

What is Plagiarism? Familiarize yourself with the definitions of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Tutorial Are you sure you really understand what is acceptable and unacceptable when it comes to citing sources, even web sites and television?  Test yourself and see how your knowledge of source citation measures up against what is expected.   This site also offers detailed, practical information about integrating research into your writing.

Math/Science Resources

Purple Math Purple math provides algebra lessons and tutorials to increase your confidence in math!

Khan AcademyThe Khan Academy is a non-profit organization offering tutorials ranging from Algebra to Biology.

Dr. Math Ever have a math question you need answered right away.  Dr. Math offers answers to a large selection of common math questions.


TurabianQuick GuideTurabian documentation is commonly used by many disciplines, but is most common at Victory in Christian studies classes.  “The Turabian Quick Guide” gives you examples of how to document some of the common source types.

Turabian Style Handout This handout offers a basic summary of Turabian documentation style.

Basics of APA Style Tutorial If you want more guided instruction on APA format, this interactive tutorial will lead you through the basic concepts of APA documentation format.

MLA Documentation The librarians at Austin Community College created this helpful handout explaining MLA documentation.

Help for Non-Native Speakers of English

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab If English isn’t your first language, sometimes understanding what is spoken can be much more difficult than what is written.  If you would like practice listening and interpreting what is said in a variety of contexts and accents, this site would be helpful to you.

ESL Gold This site offers a variety of ESL lessons and exercises for beginners to advanced learners.  All the materials are free.

English Idioms Even the most advanced ESL students sometimes have problems with idioms and figures of speech.  This site offers a dictionary of common idioms in English